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Travel information by train from Villazón to Uyuni and Oruro

For people who want to make trips to the Folkloric Capital of Bolivia (Oruro) and Uyuni through railroad service, you can be made comfortable and pleasant trips on the stretch Villazón - Oruro. With intermediate stations as Tupiza, Atocha and Uyuni.

Información viajes en tren desde Villazón a Oruro
Detail: Wara Wara Train South and South Express Train

Prices in bolivianos (Bs.)

Opening Hours Ticketing (Villazón)

IMPORTANT - Advance Ticket Sales

(*) Information prepared according to the website of the company  FCA.

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E-book (spanish) with detailed information about Villazón to travel from different cities of Bolivia.  Your doubts and questions are answered here.

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